Friday, July 13, 2012

Bee Sting

We spent the morning at the Millis' to celebrate Ian's 4th birthday! He turned 4 the day before Noah.  :-)

Then we went to Brooklin to visit Zoe, JoDee, Eden, Millie & Maggie.  We had fun talking, playing & kayaking.  :-)

Matt & I were going to go out on date night, but a bee flew into the yukon when we got home & stung Zach on the leg.  Zach was shocked to get his first bee sting and he was upset.  I calmed him down and convinced him that he was okay.  Then he complained that his throat itched.  Then his eyes hurt.  Then his ears itched.  Then his eyes became watery.  He coughed a lot.  I talked with Matt on the phone and then I gave Zach some benadryl.  He got ready for bed and then laid down. When Matt got home about 1/2 hour after talking with him, he had Zach get up to take a look at him. Zach's face was swollen.
He is now asleep and will hopefully be back to normal in the morning. More excitement this evening...Emily pulled out a loose tooth!

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