Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beautiful Baptism

We went to a very sweet baptism this morning. Alea turned 8 a few weeks ago, so she was our next primary child to be baptized. Turning 8 in the summer is fun because you have the option of being baptized outside. Alea chose to be baptized in a lake in Lamoine. It was a beautiful spot on a beautiful day with a beautiful girl. :-)

The kids & I went over to my parents' house for lunch and then I took the kids to the pool. This was one of our last days at the pool with Aly. :-( Noah has mastered jumping into the deep end, floating to the top, and then swimming to the side. At the beginning of the summer, I would have to be in the water while Noah jumped into the deep end. Now, I can sit close by on the bench and watch him. It is so much fun to watch Kate & Noah jump into the pool over and over again. They love it!

Zoe & Emily are at Great Skates this evening with Aly, Phil & my Dad. I hope they are having a fun time!

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