Monday, July 09, 2012

Minus 1

Zoe is nannying this week for Eden & JoDee in Brooklin, Me.  She went home with them after church yesterday, so she missed Noah's party.  :-(  She is having a good time.  She is watching 2 very cute girls.  They made yummy pizza yesterday and they went kayaking today.  We have had such beautiful weather lately!

The kids & I went to the pool this afternoon.  Noah brought a few of his new toys to play with.  :-)

Lately, when Noah learns something that he didn't know he'll say "Oh! I did not know that!" It is so cute!


JoDee said...

Thanks for sharing her with us. We may have to keep her a few more weeks. We will return her when Millie is 8. Zoe is getting a little tired of playing pretend wedding with Millie, hopefully she will survive. She is a great sport.

Kris said...

Happy late birthday Noah! those pictures are so cute. I'm glad he had a great day. I really can't believe he is 4!!

Good luck Zoe on your nannying adventure, that is great!