Friday, July 20, 2012


Today was the last swim class for this session.  Noah had his class with Carrie and he passed!  Yay Noah!  Kate had her class with Johnny and she needs to work on swimming across the pool without touching before she passes her class.  Noah & Kate are now in the same class.  Zach had his class with Taylor.  She is a new lifeguard and Zach thinks she is great!  Zach needs to work on swimming the back stroke in a straight line before he passes his class.  Eleanor had her class with Brandon and she passed!  Yay Eleanor! She is one class away from being in the water safety class with Zoe & Emily. The kids had a surprise visit from a past lifeguard, Emily today! She found out when our kids had swimming lessons, so she could come see them. So sweet! We miss seeing Emily at the pool!

We spent more time today with Aly & Phil. The kids went swimming for a short time this afternoon and then they spent time together while Matt & I went canoeing & fishing. It was a peaceful evening on the water. :-)

I took Zach to see the doctor today for his bee sting allergy. We have a prescription for "epipens" and he will see an allergist about possible allergy shots.

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Martie said...

That's wonderful! You guys should all be proud of yourselves. Keep up the great work!