Saturday, July 14, 2012

Date Day

Zach is back to himself today. I am going to call the doctor on Monday to let them know what happened. We have received great advice about this from our friends. It sounds like we will need an epiPen for Zach.

Matt & I had our date day today.  We went to Bugaboo Creek for lunch.  I tried the lobster & shrimp penne, which was good, but it didn't have much lobster & shrimp in it.  I agree with Matt that lobster is cheap enough now that we could buy some to eat at home.  I think I will put it on next week's menu.  :-)

  Eleanor & I went to Sammy's piano recital this evening. I love listening to piano music. There were 6 girls/young women who performed and they were all amazing! I wish I had told Matt that I wanted a piano room in our new house. We may have to squeeze a piano in somewhere. My girls would love to take piano lessons, but we don't have a piano for them to practice on. I grew up having a piano in our home, but I hated to practice, so I did it as little as possible. Now I wish that I had a piano to practice on.

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