Sunday, July 08, 2012

Noah's 4th Birthday

Noah has been waiting since Kate's birthday in February for his birthday!  So, we started celebrating in the morning.  He is the only one that got his birthday cereal on his birthday! 
 He opened cards from Jerry & Judy, Emily & Eleanor.  He got fun stickers from Jerry & Judy.  :-)

Then it was off to church.  We had a lot of visitors in primary today!  We sang Happy Birthday to Noah and to Ian, who turned 4 yesterday.

We ate when we arrived at my parents' house after church.  The only food Noah requested for his birthday was watermelon, but then he didn't want any when we ate.  Silly boy!  Noah was more than ready to open his presents after we ate!  He loved the pokemon wrapping paper AND the beach toys inside!
 What could this be?
 Sombrero from Daddy!
 Fun party hats!

 Getting his new Spiderman watch on from Great Grammie.
 This sombrero makes you act silly!  Getting ready to open his favorite box from Grandpa & Grandma! He got a new flashlight and cars. :-)
 The bigger box had an awesome life jacket in it!

 Noah received many fun gifts!  Thank you everyone!
 The cake Noah picked out for his special day.

Remember promised to stay 4 forever!  We love you!

On a different note...I added Funtown/Splashtown pictures to my July 3rd & 4th post and beach pictures to my Blue Hill Beach post.


Martie said...

Happy birthday, Noah! I like your spiffy hat! And that sure looks like a yummy birthday cake. Have a fun day!

janerickson said...

Great birthday pictures! Four is one of my favorite kid ages - just before school starts and the last time they are truly "yours". Love you Noah, glad you had such a great party. Love Grandma