Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monkeys on the Monkey Bars

Zoe & Emily had their water safety class this morning. The rest of us walked over to the Kindergarten/1st Grade playground to play. Kate & Noah did the monkey bars for the first time ever by themselves! They were very proud of their accomplishment. :-) Zoe went to basketball for a few hours after swimming.

Zoe had a Young Women's meeting at 3pm, so we dropped her off and then we went to Walmart. The kids have been wanting to spend their birthday money and they found some things to buy today. I also started school shopping by getting Kate & Eleanor backpacks for school. Kate was excited to pick out her first school backpack! Matt picked the younger 3 up at church after we went shopping to bring them home. Zoe left with the Young Women/Young Men to go play miniature golf at Pirate's Cove in Bar Harbor and then they went to get ice cream. Emily, Eleanor & I went hiking for Activity Days. It was a short hike at Indian Point Park. It was a beautiful walk with tree labels here and there to help identify the many trees. The girls enjoyed looking for the geocache. A few of the girls had already found it there before with their families, but they had fun looking again. I had never heard of geocache before. There is one along the waterfront that now I need to find. That won't be hard since I think Emily knows where it is.

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