Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July 3rd & 4th

The kids & I are having a super fun 4th of July week! We had non-stop 12 hours of fun at Funtown/Splashtown yesterday. The kids had so much fun going down the water slides and going on rides!

 Kate loved going down the pink slide on a raft with me.
 Eleanor & Aly went down the blue slide, which goes straight down!  Eleanor is my fearless one!  Zoe went on the green slide, which is more twisty.

Favorite rides were... Zoe ~ Excalibur (wooden roller coaster)
Emily ~ Tilt-a-whirl
 Eleanor ~ Drop Zone
Zach ~ Swings
Kate ~ Teacups
Noah ~ Red Baron

The kids are at perfect ages to take to an amusement park.

I used to work at Funtown and I would operate the kiddie rides.  These bumper boats are at the edge of the park, so not many kids go on this ride.  It was nice to be able to walk in the water on a hot day, though.
 Kate & Zach were too big for the little bumper boats.  Kate had a hard time getting back to the side on her own when the ride was over, but she was very brave to go on this ride by herself!

 Kate, Noah, Zach, my Mom & I took a break to eat Dippin' Dots.  This squirrel was nearby having its own snack.

 Noah & Zach loved this hopper ride, but Kate DID NOT!

 Zoe lit up when we arrived at Funtown/Splashtown and she saw a Reese's machine!

 The kids are all tall enough to go on rides by themselves and they bounced from ride to ride to ride.

Emily tolerates the rides, but she was a good sport. The kids enjoyed themselves all morning, afternoon and evening and they left happy. :-)  We even saw bonus fireworks before we left!

We had a tired, down day today. We made it to the parade this morning

 and the fireworks this evening. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing Phase 10, watching the hot dog eating contest, Nanny McPhee Returns & Treasure Planet, and playing games on the computer.
 I am grateful to be an American!

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