Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Zach is 7!

7 years ago, I gave birth to Zach in the ER. My water broke in the car as we pulled up to the hospital and I never made it up to the maternity floor. Exercising during all 9 months of pregnancy resulted in a very quick labor for me! A labor I will never forget! 7 years ago, a tree landed on our house while I was in the hospital after giving birth. Zach's birth was quite eventful! All of this added to the excitement of having our first BOY. :-)

Zach had a great birthday today! He was up before 6am, so he has had a full, fun day! He spent most of his day at school. He received a few cards from his friends and Sydney made him a birthday banner. I took Zach to the grocery store after school to pick out a birthday cake, birthday balloon, and birthday cereal. As we were leaving the store, Zach announced that this is the BEST birthday he has ever had. :-)

Zach picked McDonald's for dinner.

Then the moment arrived that he had waited all day for! Presents!

Grammie's friend made this Happy Birthday banner for Zach. It is fancy! Kate has one too, but she has yet to receive it. We tucked it away at my parents' house and we keep forgetting to give it to her! You can see Sydney's banner, too in the picture.

I hear that Zach picked out a super delicious cake!

It looked yummy!

We love you, Zach! You are such a sweet, fun, loveable boy with the best smile! We're glad you had a fun birthday! Enjoy being 7!

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Kris said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Zach!!! Thanks for posting these cute pictures, Joey. I'm glad Zach had a wonderful birthday!!