Monday, March 26, 2012

The 13 year no cavity stretch

Has ended for the kids. Emily has a few cavities, but fortunately for her and us they are on her baby teeth that will be falling out soon. Zoe thought for sure that Eleanor would get the first cavity, but no cavities in sight for Eleanor. Noah had the worst news of all. He has a cavity that needs to be filled and his front tooth that he knocked into his gum and then it came back down on its own needs to be pulled. That tooth is acting as a splinter and it is causing problems in his gums. So, next month he will have his tooth pulled and get a filling during the same visit. :-(

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Kris said...

Bummer! Our no cavity stretch ended last week too... tooth brushing has since improved though.

I loved the pictures of the picnic in the new dining room, very cute. I think it is awesome how much work the kids are doing on the new house. That is great. They have a lot to be proud of and are getting great experience!