Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sacrament meeting was eventful today. It goes smoothly when Matt is not there until both Kate & Noah want to sit on my lap. I had them both on my lap until Noah was squishing Kate, so she got off. Noah was quite whiny and talkative throughout the meeting. He wanted to know when the meeting was going to end (repeatedly). He whined that he didn't get to finish his cereal. He wanted to know if he could finish his cereal when he got home. I was constantly shushing him. Toward the end of the meeting, Kate & Noah were fighting with each other. Yes, it was an eventful meeting indeed.

Primary went well today. I had a proud mommy moment when my kids were recognized for knowing all of the verses to "Choose the Right". Want your kids to learn a song, scripture verse, article of faith, etc..? Sing/say it with them every day. My younger kids are learning the articles of faith along with the older girls because we recite the same one over and over again until Eleanor has it memorized. The younger 3 will have all of the articles of faith memorized by the time they are 8! Now, if I could just get Kate & Noah to remain quiet and sit still during Sacrament meeting!

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