Thursday, March 01, 2012

Snow Day

I have lost 9 lbs since January 1st. Yay me! This month has been harder than the first. I find myself focusing more on the yummy foods I can't have than the yummy foods I can have. I am going to try new recipes this month and focus more on what I can eat.

I forgot to mention that Matt & I met with Eleanor's teacher on Tuesday. Eleanor is doing great and Mrs. Wight loves having her in class. :-)

It snowed today! I checked to see if there was school before I woke the kids up and there was school. Zoe checked the site again after breakfast and she was delighted to see that school was closed for the day! Too bad that wasn't posted before I woke the kids up. We had a rough morning with a lot of fighting. The afternoon improved, though as we went over to my parents' house to spend time with Donna, Doug, my Dad & my Grandmother. My Mom had to work. :-( Donna wrote down some of my Grandmother's history and stories today. Donna has always been on top of Family History! It was fun to listen to my grandmother. Donna started before I got there, so I am looking forward to reading what I missed.

We had a boiled dinner after Mom got home and Matt arrived. Yummy! I had a helping for dinner and another helping for dessert. :-)

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