Sunday, March 18, 2012


After church, Zoe had lobster and macaroni salad. Her food dreams came true today!

Zoe had some gifts that she didn't know she was getting. Thanks Grandma &
And some gifts that she picked out for herself yesterday. Thanks Grammie & Grampie! Zoe is going to clean their house to earn money to add minutes to her pay as you go phone.

Zoe requested a lemon cake from Matt. She insisted on putting her own candles on.

This may be Zoe's best birthday yet! She now has a phone! Zoe claims that with her phone and her iPod Touch, she doesn't need anything else. Eleanor is looking forward to going through Zoe's belongings to see what she can claim.

Enjoy your first year as a teenager, Zoe! We love you!

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janerickson said...

Happy birthday, Zoe! Glad you got the presents you wanted. It sounds like the phone will work out well for both you and your grandparents! I love putting the grandkids to work around here. I love having them around one on one. Jacob did yard work for us for years and Aimee helps me around the house. Sometimes I can get Savannah or Ava to iron for me. It's all good. I love the birthday banners! I saw the one for Zach and now this one. What a labor of love if they are all handstiched? It looks like they are. They are awesome! Zoe looks happy and like she had a great birthday. I thought about her when I woke up yesterday. You have fun birthday celebrations.
Love Grandma