Monday, March 12, 2012

Bringing Florida Home

It was in the 60s today! The younger kids were so excited to go outside without a jacket or sweater! It was so nice out!

Zach stayed home today from school because of a sore throat. Kate's throat was sore a few days ago.

After Matt got home from work, he went outside to push Noah on the swing while I prepared dinner. It was a sweet sight when I looked out the window and I saw Noah swinging all by himself!

I've never been one to get into St. Patrick's Day, but Zoe loves it (because her birthday is the next day)! She picked out these whoopie pies for our Family Home Evening treat.

For our lesson, Zach (with Matt's help) read an airplane story that was told by President Dieter F. uchtdorf during a past General Conference. Zach is looking forward to hearing President Uchtdorf (Zach, Kate & Noah pronounce it Ufdork)
speak in a couple of weeks. He is hoping to hear another airplane story. :-)

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Kris said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend trip, that's awesome. I like the story you shared about "waiting" - that is great.

We've had a few warm days too, I LOVE it!!