Saturday, March 10, 2012


We had a different host today. I love her hair!

Mary Ellen Edmunds didn't make it today due to illness, so we heard from Chris Williams instead. His wife and 2 of his children were killed when their car was hit by a drunk teenager. What a powerful example of forgiveness and relying on the Savior.

I loved watching and listening to Jericho Road live!

Sara Wells is funny!

Kate her name. :-) These 2 ladies have a cooking blog (Our best bites), which I have never seen. It was fun to hear about some of their mommy moments.

Anthony Sweat is becoming one of my favorite speakers. He talked about Charity...the pure love of Christ.

Our view as we sat outside and ate our lunch.

Wendy Ulrich talked about apologizing.

Laurel Christensen is also becoming a favorite speaker of mine. She pointed out that everyone in the room is waiting for something. It could be to find a husband, have children, find a job, have a child return to church activity, have a husband go to church with you, etc. I immediately knew what I am waiting for...a new house. She encouraged us to stay in the present while waiting and to live as if what we are waiting for has already happened. The Lord knows when what we are waiting for will happen. We need to trust in His timing.

We headed over to Boyd's LDS Bookstore when TOFW was over. So did A LOT of other women. We all had a coupon for 25% off an item to use! When we went to the temple yesterday, we didn't notice the temple until it was right beside us. Today, we saw it from a distance.

There were ducks & geese roaming around the front of the bookstore.

A goose bit Patti on the foot as she walked passed it!

We ate dinner at T.G.I. Friday's. The food was good, but it was very loud. We are glad to be in our quiet room now.

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Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

Sounds great! I'm going to TOFW next weekend in Albuquerque. I'm excited, I've never been.

I love Our Best Bites. I have their cookbook and it's wonderful!