Monday, December 12, 2011

Starting & Ending with Mary Engelbreit

Thursday evening we read

Who doesn't love Mary Engelbreit?

Friday night we read

Fun! We sang the book (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas). The book also has cute & fun illustrations.

The kids stayed at my parents' house Friday night. This was one of our gifts from my parents for our 15th Anniversary (which was on Saturday). Sweet! The kids watched "Elf", ate pizza, and LOVED being at "Grammie's house"!

Matt and I went to Bugaboo Creek where we enjoyed a quiet, delicious meal together. We received $20 off our bill from our rewards card, so that was awesome! We came home and watched "The Holiday", which we watch every Christmas season. We enjoy it every time we watch it. :-)

Matt & I spent our anniversary working on the new house with my Dad.

I spent some time scraping ice off the floor. We have had a few storms to deal with, but overall we have been blessed with good construction weather.

Zoe & Emily LOVED having the day off! The kids spent the day with Grammie.

Saturday night we read

This was an okay story. It wasn't a hit with all of the kids.

We received a fun package on Saturday from Grandpa & Grandma that we got to open BEFORE Christmas! :-) We are enjoying the yummy treats and the kids love to sleep on their new Christmas season pillow cases!

Sunday we read

I love Felicia Bond's illustrations!

We also watched

This was also in our special package from Grandpa & Grandma. Love it! I have heard of David Archuleta, but I had never listened to him sing. WOW! What a beautiful combination with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I will be listening to this DVD over and over again!

Look what we put up today!

This evening we read my favorite Christmas book

Again, who doesn't love Mary Engelbreit?!

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Kris said...

I love your tree! And - Happy Anniversary, I'm glad you had a fun date and night to yourselves.

I am impressed with your fortitude to continue construction in the Maine winter. It is fun to see the progress every week!

I can't believe you survived this long without hearing David sing ;) I'm glad you have now had the privilege. I really do love him! We got to go to that concert last year and it was awesome.