Tuesday, December 27, 2011

House Progress

The last floor board on the 2nd floor was put down today! :-)

The kids are going to have a laundry chute! How neat is that?!

A view from the 2nd floor of the kids sledding.


janerickson said...

Halleluiah! What a milestone on the new house front. It feels like you need to erect a tree on top. Time to cover with tarps and wait for spring. I bet you are so happy to get to this point with winter at the doorstep.
It sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. We're so happy that all was well and everybody got some great gifts. I love my calendar, Joey. I know they are a lot of work and hard to choose the perfect photos but you did a great job. One of Santa's little helpers sneeked in and put it under the tree a few days before Christmas.
Sorry to hear that your mom broke her leg. I've been thinking about her a lot and hope the pain is easing up a little. Darn! not a good way to get a vacation from work! Loved all the pictures of all the busy little kids (and some not so little). We can't believe how grownup Zoe looks in the photos! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love,
Mom (I tried to comment on here the other day and lost it, so I'll try again)

Martie said...

Wow! It looks like things are really coming along! It looks great.When do you hope to move in?