Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Locks of Love

Kate has been asking for months to get her hair cut, but I was waiting until February when she will turn 5 and have her annual picture taken. Well, Kate and I both decided that we had had enough of taking care of her long hair, so the long awaited hair cut happened today! Since her hair was so long and she wanted it cut to shoulder length, it became a perfect opportunity to give a gift this Christmas season to Locks of Love. :-)

Here is Noah playing a memory game on my XOOM while we waited for Kate.

Emily & Eleanor had their bangs trimmed yesterday.

Last night we read

One review says, "The cozy Christmas story celebrates the importance of literacy." Horn Book Guide) This is a great story.

This morning we read

This story reminds me of the Toy Story toys. :-) I think it could have had a better ending, but it was still a cute story.

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