Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Party, Man Camp & Other Things

We went to our Branch Christmas party this evening. We had a yummy potluck dinner and the kids (& the Branch Presidency) performed in the nativity play. It was a very delightful evening. :-) Sunshine and Jessica got together to make this awesome stable. Jessica made the beautiful star.

Sunshine made this manger. This picture was taken before the play, so baby Jesus is behind the manger...waiting to be born.

Zoe is wondering why that now she is in Young Women's, the primary nativity play has all these awesome props!

We had a great turn out for our party this evening!

Kate was the donkey.

We had many wandering sheep that loved baby Jesus and our donkey was pretty fond of Him, too! Our young animals wanted to pick up the baby and cuddle!

Emily was the angel who appeared to the shepherds. Eleanor was also an angel.

Zach was a shepherd.

Our talented nativity cast.

The kids each received a gift from the wise men. Sunshine and Jessica made CTR (choose the right) t-shirts for the kids. The shirts were a big hit! I need to take a picture of them. Eleanor's shirt was too small, so Sunshine is going to make a bigger one for her.

Last night was man camp. The numbers are increasing for this annual event! There were the regulars...Matt, Justin & Jason and then a few newbies...Rob, Logan & Alex. The men were disappointed that it wasn't colder. I guess 20 or 30+ weather is not true man camp weather. I would consider that winter camping weather! The men stuck around this morning to help work on the house.

Zoe & Emily focused more on the cold.

The men focused on being productive and stayed warm.

While the men were at camp yesterday in the late afternoon/evening, the kids, my grandmother, my mom & I went to Zoe & Emily's basketball games in Brewer. Then we went to eat dinner at Pizza Hut. Brianna & Cassie's family ate there as well, so that was fun for Zoe & Emily. Brianna & Zoe are on the same team and Cassie & Emily are on the same team. We stopped at the Dollar Tree after we ate, so the kids could shop for sibling and friend gifts. When we finally got home, I was ready to crash and end TGIF!

Emily & Eleanor made gingerbread houses Wednesday night during Activity Days.

It's fun to be able to put presents under the tree as we receive them! It has been about 11 years since we have done that!

Report cards came home this week. Zach and Eleanor don't receive letter grades yet, but they are both doing great in school! Emily did very well getting 6 A's and 2 B's. Zoe got 6 A's and she has perfect attendance. The kids are working hard in school and they are looking forward to their Christmas break!...which will start next Friday.

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