Thursday, December 01, 2011

1st Basketball Game

When I wrote before about Emily only practicing with her team and not playing in any of the games, I was wrong. Emily will play in every other game this season, which is exciting! She is the only 5th grader who tried out for the team, so she is the only 5th grader on the team. A few other 5th graders wanted to play, but they didn't have their physicals/paper work done to try out. Fortunately for Emily, A)I knew that 5th graders could try out for the team this year because I had the information from Zoe and B) I knew what needed to be done before the 1st try out, so she could play. It worked out well because Emily had a current physical from softball, so I just needed to get a copy of the physical and turn it in, plus I knew from Zoe's soccer season that Emily would need an insurance card on file before try outs, which hasn't been enforced in the past. I brought all the necessary forms to the office right before the try outs, so Emily was good to go. Emily played in her first game on Wednesday. It was an exhibition game against Surry. Emily's team won and Emily played well. :-) You can easily pick her out because she is the only player wearing a t-shirt under her uniform.

Emily's fans!
Some of them were more interested in their stuffed animals that they had just received from their Great Grammie who watched the game with us!

The score of the game was close until the very end, which made it a fun game to watch.

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