Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sickness Has Struck

Eleanor was supposed to go play with her friend, Anna today, but she woke up not feeling well. She is REALLY sick if she passes up a chance to spend time with a friend! She has been hit the hardest with a fever, headache, and achy body. Zoe wasn't feeling great yesterday and Kate has had diarrhea and stomach aches on and off for days. Matt came home and said he hasn't felt good all day. Ugh.

Emily & Zach were able to go play with Daisy, Anna, & Ryder today. Zoe & I had a wii fit competition. It was a fun way to exercise. :-) We started simplifying old toys and making room for new toys. That will be a work in progress for awhile.


Kris said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the sickness(es). I hope everyone bounces back quickly and you can enjoy a happy New Year!

The house is looking great. I can't believe construction is still going on in during the Maine winter.

Great job on your basket, Emily!

Mal said...

Madie started throwing up around 6:30 am on Christmas Eve and continued all morning. After a long nap she seemed much better, although she didn't have an appetite. So we felt comfortable putting her in her own bed (without us in there with a sick bucket) and about an hour later she threw up even more! She hadn't eaten anything for like 7 hours! I don't know where it all came from! We had a break on Christmas day, then on the 26th Mike woke up at 3 am and threw up. The 26th was the worst day of my life to date. Thank heavens they were all quick, 24-hr things. I hope the same can be said of your ailments!