Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I have been wanting to post this video of Zoe playing basketball and making her first basket of the season since Tuesday! It is such a sweet shot. :-)

Zoe & Emily were supposed to have games on Wednesday, but the games were cancelled due to icy conditions. It was supposed to be cold, but dry during the day and then get warmer with rain in the afternoon/evening, but it ended up being cold and rainy all day. I got my hair cut, picked the girls up from school and then I was happy to be home and off the slick roads! Emily had a field trip to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland on this icy day and I'm so glad they traveled safe! We had an unexpected family dinner/evening at home which was so delightful!

Thursday was warm, but still icy as my Mom found out the hard way. She slipped and fell down her steps as she was heading to work. A trip to the walk in care confirmed a fracture just above the ankle and she is in a boot cast. :-(

I couldn't find my phone on Thursday and I was sure it was somewhere in the house since the last time I had used it was Wednesday evening at home. I was quite surprised Thursday afternoon when I talked with the secretary at the middle school and she told me that my phone was in their office! I still don't know how it ended up at the school when I hadn't been in the school that day. Strange! I did drop Zoe & Emily off in the morning, but I didn't get out of the Yukon. My guess is that my phone fell out of my jeans pocket or my bag and was on the floor of the Yukon and it got knocked out of the Yukon in front of the school. I am grateful for whoever found it and turned it into the office!

We have snow for Christmas! The kids had a great time playing outside yesterday as it snowed. :-) What a fun way to start Christmas vacation!

We have had a fun Christmas Eve! We went over to my parents' house to eat a yummy brunch. We were going to have the brunch at our house, but since Mom is still getting used to walking on her boot cast, we brought the food to her. My grandmother was there, too. :-) Our family went to the movie theater to see "Puss in Boots". It's fun that our kids are old enough to sit through a movie without interruption. It makes watching the movie much more enjoyable. :-) The kids colored pictures when we got home to complete our coloring page countdown. We were a bit behind, so we colored all the pages that we had missed and they are all hanging up on the wall.

I love how festive our living room looks this year! I'm thinking the snowflakes will stay up until Spring. :-)

We have our tradition of watching the animated version of The Grinch every Christmas Eve. Max, the dog is SO ADORABLE! We love all the parts he is in. :-)

I tried to send the kids to bed, but they reminded me that we hadn't prepared the cookie plate for Santa!

Then I was going to send them to bed again, but I remembered that we hadn't unwrapped our last Christmas book of the season. There were actually two books because I added one of Zoe & Emily's favorite Christmas countdown books that I neglected to get at the beginning of the countdown. Oops! They looked for the book all month.

Then Zoe unwrapped the last Christmas book that was in the original pile. Emily has been waiting for this one.

We are all excited for Christmas tomorrow! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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