Thursday, December 01, 2011

24 Days 'til Christmas

Our Christmas countdown started today! We have 6 different countdowns going on. We are all excited it is December 1st! We picked names this morning to see which child would start where on the countdown rotation. Zoe put our Christmas girl in the #1 bag for December 1st this morning. This is my favorite countdown. I love watching the little girl move closer and closer to Christmas Eve. It's a great visual for the kids to see where we are at in the month and to see that Christmas is in fact getting closer and closer!

Zach was the first to tear a link from the paper chain.

Eleanor got the first piece of chocolate! Several siblings were jealous about that!

Emily started our nativity scene, which the kids think is boring, but Matt & I think they will enjoy it more as the scene develops.

Kate colored the first coloring page to go with our Christmas ABCs scripture study for the month of December. We read about the angel appearing to the shepherds this evening, so she colored an angel this morning.

Zach made the Christmas tree that is next to the angel.

Noah unwrapped the first book. Exciting! Don't you love how he dressed up for the occasion? :-)

The book we read this evening is called "A Christmas Promise" by Lark Carrier. The kids liked it okay. They didn't care for the dull colored pictures. They did well listening to the book, though.

Have a Merry Christmas season!


Kris said...

Happy December 1st! I am amazed you can keep 6 countdowns going. That is fun.

Great job on getting Emily set to play basketball! You are awesomely on the ball - ha, ha, basketball :) And way to go Emily!

The house progress is amazing, it really looks house-ish with the solid walls!

Janae said...

What a great way to start the Christmas season:)