Saturday, December 03, 2011

I love December!

We had a fun, eventful Friday! Kate, Noah, my grandmother, and I started our fun at the Millis' for a birthday celebration for Sunshine. Many of the sisters in our branch were there. We ate lots of yummy food, the kids got along well and were content to play and eat, and the sisters had fun talking and laughing together. :-)

Emily's friend, Ansley came over after school. Emily and Ansley are both learning to play the saxophone and they have started working on a band project...that is due in March. Both Emily and Ansley have been very anxious to get together since they found out about the project last week. They are loving this excuse to get together!

We went to the annual Creche Exhibit at the Bangor Stake Center last night. Usually the exhibit opens on Friday and closes on Monday, but this year, the exhibit was only open for 1 evening, which was last night. They didn't have a children's area this time either. The kids missed their nativity room! They did enjoy looking at the different nativities, though. I loved how we were able to look around while listening to choirs and individuals sing. Kate loved all the nativities with animals in them! Here she is looking around.

Eleanor walked around with Nathan.

Zoe & Emily walked around with Morgan.

I loved this nativity made from volcanic ash.

Here are a few of my other favorite nativities.

I was only going to take a few pictures of my favorite nativities, but it's hard to narrow it down to a few! Plus, I had the idea to put the pictures on our computer as a slide show to look at throughout the month to help us remember why we are celebrating Christmas.

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