Friday, February 27, 2009

Will Noah walk before he crawls?

Noah's getting braver.

Now for some random notes...

Zach calls Raisin Bran ~ Raisin Brown.

As part of my "Spring" cleaning yesterday, I took all of the food out of the food pantry, cleaned the shelves and walls, and organized the food as I put it back in. It looks much better!

I have a cold and spend most of my time sneezing, but I'd rather be sneezing than coughing.

The last 2 Sundays, the kids have brought home flower pots and seeds from their Primary classes. We have growth from one of them! (the 2nd from left) I must admit that I was skeptical that anything would grow. We're much better at growing trees.

I prepared my Sunday School lesson this morning, so now I can go to Women's Conference tomorrow and enjoy it. :-)


Kris said...

Noah has such a big, cute smile!

I'm sorry you have a cold but it sounds like you are getting a lot done anyway - and I love the little sprouting plant, spring is coming!

HeatherT said...

Raisin Brown cracks me up.

Janae said...

Way cute photos! He might just decide to head straight to walking!

MJ said...

I was worried that Aidan would walk before he crawled, he was standing all the time, too, but he suddenly took off one day. Didn't crawl long before he was walking, though. :)

The kids are too cute! I can't believe how fast they're growing!!

Ave said...

It was fun seeing you today too. I wish we could have gone to a class together or something. Yes, next year maybe I won't have Lottie. This was the first womens conference I have been to for the stake. The chocolate fountain was awesome.