Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I want to change my header, but I have no idea how. How do I make one WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY???


Courtney said...

You go to this link:

pick one of my "Beautify Your Blog" designs

Then you email me and tell me which one you want and I'll send you the coupon code :)

Oh, and chocolate or root beer would be appreciated but not necessary ;)

Kristy said...

Do you have Photoshop??? That is how I did mine.

Anonymous said...

Another site is That's where mine is from.

Samantha said...

I could make you one if you want?
I made mine with Photoshop and I love doing stuff like that.

Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Amity said...

I know you are a busy mom but I will share how to do it.

1. Create Flickr account if you dont have on already. Yes, there is a free version.

2. Upload photos you want to use as a background...or, create a "blank" .jpg to use as a template....or, take a screenshot of a white page and upload it to Flickr.

3. Use the "edit this" button to activit Picnik...the free version.

4. Use all their fun tools and "save as new copy"

5. Click on the new and improved image (by now it will be cropped, spiffed and shiny..with texts and fun effects)

6. Click on "all sizes"

7. Choose the size that fits your blog and download it.

8. Now you have an image that can be uploaded to your header widget.

hope this helps...I found you via Calandria!

Martie said...

Make one at! That's what I do.