Monday, February 23, 2009

Vacation Extended

No school today. My plan is to sleep...HA! Kate never went back to bed last night. She would fall into a light sleep on my chair and then wake up when I would try to go to bed. Noah woke up, so at 2:30 when our power went out, I brought Kate and Noah to bed with me. The power came back on about a half hour after going out and I was glad because Noah was awake and he was restless with me holding him in the dark. I came out into the living room and fell asleep on the floor while he played. He eventually fell asleep on the floor as well and we slept until just after 6am.

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Ave said...

my kids have been sick the entire vacation week, and so i was looking forward to back to school today. so much for that huh!!! jw told me that we are supposed to get 3 more storms in the next week. yuck.