Sunday, February 22, 2009

The lights are flickering

It is snowing. We're supposed to get heavy snow and wind from 12-2am. It's supposed to snow throughout the morning. I think tomorrow is going to be a snow day.

Our power went off for just a second this morning as we were getting ready for church...long enough to have to reset all the clocks. So annoying!, although Matt was the one who reset them.

My lesson went okay today, but with more preparation it would have been better, so my goal this week is to spend at least 15 minutes a day preparing for next week's lesson. I read most of the scriptures that are part of the reading assignment for next week, but then I fell asleep. I'm typing this as I'm trying to wake up. Noah fell asleep, too, but is now awake, so we could be up for awhile.

Matt, Zoe, Emily, and Zach went to church in Machias today. They got home right after I did, which surprised me because usually they get home a few hours after I do. They have shortened their meetings in Machias, so they now meet for an hour and a half. There are no kids in the Machias primary, so our kids are usually the only kids there, unless there are other visitors. So the sharing time part of primary would last 2 hours because there are no primary classes. 2 hours is a long time to keep kids busy learning through activities and songs. Our kids always come home from Machias with fun papers from the activities they did, but I'm sure Sister Brown is grateful for the shortened time she'll have primary now when our kids are there. Matt is over Machias, so he goes once a month, although he went twice this month because his speaking assignment was there.

Noah isn't officially crawling yet, but he has a few new tricks.

He is so close to sitting from a crawling position. My mom said he did it today while I was teaching my lesson, but I haven't seen him do it yet.

Aimee gave Kate a teddy bear right before Sacrament meeting today. During the meeting, Kate tugged on the bottom of my shirt and insisted that I nurse her teddy bear! Aimee gave me this cute bag, a pilates video, weight balls, and soap. Aimee gave the soap to Eleanor after Eleanor wondered what was for her when Kate received the teddy bear. I've never done Pilates before, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Kate is now up. She was crying in bed, so I brought her into the living room and she is now watching the animated version of "Lazarus". I'm hoping she'll fall back asleep while watching the movie.

Emily's teacher, Mrs. Wight brought us over a few bags of clothes this afternoon. She has triplets that are in high school, so Zoe will get to wear the clothes first. Some of the clothes are too big for Zoe, but we will put them away until she grows into them. Zoe was just wishing the other day that she had a robe, so when Zoe pulled a robe out from the bag, she was very excited!

I wore a sweater today that Tiffany gave to me. We are surrounded by such generous and thoughtful people!

Eleanor, Emily, and Zoe had their basketball practices yesterday and then the kids and I went over to my parents' house and Matt headed to work. We watched high school tournament games, my mom and I played a couple of games of Phase 10, the kids watched movies, and we ate yummy food. During Family Council this evening, Zach mentioned how much fun it is to go to "Grammie's house". We all agree. :-)

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