Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I feel a cold coming on

Noah can now go from his knees and hands to a sitting position. He follows me around the house by getting on his knees and then plopping down on his stomach. He is also starting to say "mama", but it often comes out as "mba mba"

We forgot to have Eleanor bring her penny house project to school today for 100s day! She's going to bring it in tomorrow.

Eleanor brought home her math-a-thon workbook today. She was so excited to have "homework" to do! She finished the entire book before washing dishes and going outside to play.

Poor Kate has had diarrhea the past couple of days.

I tried vacuuming today, but our vacuum is not working right. I did the best I could with the hose part that is working.

I went to visit teach Priel Johnson this evening and then I went to visit my mom. We played Phase 10 and then we watched "Glenn Beck" which she had taped earlier in the day. It was my first time watching the show and I enjoyed it.

I became a Great-Aunt today. Andi Michelle Osborne was born at 2:45pm. She is beautiful.

I am grateful for autosave since Noah just turned the computer off while I was typing this!

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Janae said...

Noah is really already trying to grow up fast. That is so cute he is already trying to say mama. I am glad Eleanor is still going to take the penny house tomorrow. I really liked that house and thought it was such a fun idea! Congrats on becoming a great aunt!