Thursday, February 12, 2009

Binkie/Potty Update and more

I am having a super productive morning. It's amazing what gets done when Noah sleeps! I'm just wondering why Zach decided to cut off one of the earbuds of the headphones we use for the MP3 player while I was cleaning the bathroom. *sigh* At least the other earbud still works.

Kate watched the "Potty Power" video again yesterday, but she had no desire to sit on the potty, so I don't have it that easy ladies. :-) Zoe tried to get Kate to go on her potty while Zoe was in the bathroom, but Kate would only sit on her potty with her clothes on...not what Zoe wanted. It's cute, though how the older kids are encouraging Kate to use her potty. She progressed a bit this morning when she pulled her pants down to sit on her potty, but wanted to keep her diaper on.

Kate is doing very well during the day without her binkie. She asked for it a few times yesterday, but seemed to know that she wasn't going to get it, so she quickly moved on to something else. She was really tired last night because I haven't had the heart to put her down for a nap without her binkie, so she cried hard, but not for more than 5 minutes. She did wake up about an hour later and cried again, but fell back asleep within 5 minutes. Those are LONG 5 minutes! It is so sad to hear her cry.

Emily (Erickson) had a picture she drew displayed at the Superintendents office recently, which is now on the school's website. Check it out. :-)


Gabriela said...

Sounds like you are making some progress on both fronts. None of my kids have ever taken a binky, so I can't relate there, but potty training is not fun stuff. But just think-only one kid in diapers!!!

Kris said...

That is the cutest snowman picture!

Good job Kate!

Dawn said...

Good job, Emily! And Kate - she's doing great with the binkie. My kids never did either binkies or thumbs - I lucked out in that on area. Feisty is still struggling with the other mess - we can't figure out why she has so much trouble knowing when she has to go - or is she just being stubborn and ornery??

Anonymous said...

Good job, Emily!