Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kate's Party

Kate was content to go about her birthday day as usual until my mom arrived in the late afternoon with cake and presents. Zach and I had put ribbon up during Kate's nap and we blew up some balloons for her party. I wasn't expecting my mom to arrive until after work, so it was a pleasant surprise when she walked through the door around 3:00 with Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor. We got her signed up on FaceBook and we played a game of Phase 10. Kate snuck a cookie into the living room and ate on my chair (which is a big no-no), but since it was her birthday...

It was also nice that my dad came over at 6:00 for the party. I wasn't expecting him since he works evenings. We started off the evening with pizza. Here's a quick video to show a glimpse of Kate's mood at the beginning of dinner. Let's just say she had a little attitude...

Noah decided the birthday girl should get rid of her binkie earlier than Monday and took the matter into his own hands.

Kate had so much fun opening presents!

Kate didn't want to part with her toys after she opened them. Here she is trying to open the next present with one hand.

And here's another example.

It's always fun to open presents from Grandma and Grandpa! Kate loves her new bathing suit and cover-up.

Zoe made Kate this paper heart and she also made Kate a cat from a paper cup.

After opening gifts, Kate tried out her new comfy Dora chair and she put her new teddy in her new stroller. She was very content!

The mention of cake didn't tempt Kate to get out of her chair, but the sight of her cake did. Grammie makes yummy cake!

It took many tries and spit, but Kate was able to blow out both of her candles.

Kate received underwear for her birthday (perfect gift Great Grammie!), but she has mistaken them for hats.

Kate received a Mrs. Potato Head from her Grammie. Somehow we have gone through 10 years with kids without any members of the Potato Head family. How is that possible?

All of the kids had fun with Kate's toys.

Kate had a "Happy Day!" :-)

P.S. I'm not taking her binkie away until Tuesday because she has her 2 year old check up on Monday.


Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!! Looks like you had a great party. Pedro's excited for his (not really, he's not that clued in yet about birthdays!)

Anonymous said...

Ah the procrastination begins! ;)

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Janae said...

Looks like a very fun and festive day! Glad your party was a fun one Kate:) love your new "hats";)

HeatherT said...

Good call on the binkie stays for the check-up.

My kids have blocks like thew ones Zach is playing with and they love them. They build towers and put stuff in them to pretend they're presents and build apartment buildings for little people with them.

It looks like it was a great day.