Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!

I sang "Happy Birthday" to you this morning when I got you out of the crib and you replied with, "Binkie! I want binkie!" So I searched for your binkies, which always end up under the crib during the night.

Your 3 requests this morning were to get dressed, eat cereal, and watch Dora!

I cannot take a picture of you without you getting up to see the picture.

This is the true you...for a few more days anyway. The binkie you have in your mouth was bought for Noah, but since he doesn't like binkies, you have claimed it, along with all the other binkies we bought for him.

Zoe and Emily were anxious for you to open Grandma and Grandpa's package this morning, but you will open all of your gifts this evening when everyone is here, including Grammie. Let's have a HAPPY Birthday today. :-)


Dawn said...

Wow - two years old already. Amazing!

Isn't it funny how kids these days will never know that you had to wait to see pictures until they were developed? And so many other things that they'll never know.

Have a Happy Birthday day!

Dawn said...

Me again - I don't envy you the challenge of getting those binkies out of her life!

Katie said...

Happy birthday Kate! Enjoy your binkies as much as you can, your days are limited, baby! Poor Kate! Poor Joey too! Good luck

Kristy said...

Happy birthday...what a cutie!

Janae said...

Happy Birthday Kate:) I hope you have had a Dora loving happy binkie day birthday:)

Anonymous said...

She is wicked cute. Happy Birthday, Kate!

Kris said...