Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So far so good

Kate is doing very well without her binkie. Better than I expected, really. She asked for her binkie several times after I wrote the last post, but was easily distracted with toys. She had a major meltdown in the late morning when I was on the phone with a creditor working out a payment plan. Zach did something to make her mad and then she cried and cried and cried for her binkie. I didn't want to end the phone call, so she cried and cried some more. The man on the phone asked if I was running a daycare. No, that would be one child making all that noise! She had another minor meltdown later on, but I was able to hold her and comfort her then. She asked for her binkie a few more times later in the day and into the evening, but again was distracted with toys and siblings. We feared the worse at bedtime, but she cried for about 4 minutes and then crashed and we didn't hear from her again until this morning. So far, she has not asked for her binkie yet. I am so glad she is doing so well with this change!

Kate's potty chair arrived yesterday. She was excited when we opened the box. From watching the "Potty Power" video, she seemed to know what it least she knew she was supposed to sit on it. (Kate just asked for her binkie, but now she was easily distracted by "Potty Power") Zach and Kate watched the video several times during the day yesterday and then the watched it again when the girls got home from school. It was funny how they were all into it.

I thought it was neat that Kate got her potty chair and sat on it while watching the video.

Kate then wanted to take her diaper off and sit on her potty...and she peed! When the video was over, I moved the potty chair into the bathroom and Kate sat on it again.

After taking this picture, I brought my camera out into the living room to recharge the battery and when I went back into the bathroom, Kate had gone poop on the potty! I wasn't expecting Kate to be so successful the first day she received her potty chair! I think pooping on the potty chair freaked her out a bit, though, so we'll see if she wants to sit on it today. Your becoming such a big girl, Kate! I have mixed feelings about that.


Martie said...

Yay for Kate! What a great big girl! I am so proud of you!

Miss Martie

Katie said...

Sounds like she is doing great! Ella is a little freaked out by pooping too! Good luck and good job Kate!!

Janae said...

Joey~ you are making this all look way too easy! I might have to get that video if it creates that kind of success:) Good job Kate!

LaRae said...

Wow! she's barely 2 & look at what's she's doing!! Great job Kate! I wish Ben had a binkie that I could take away. He, however has 2 fingers that he sticks in his mouth to suck frequently. None of my kids have done this so I have no idea how we are going to "take away" the fingers!

Dawn said...

Wow, this is entirely too easy!!