Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Day of Activities

I wrote different activities on strips of paper and put them in a small paper bag. The kids took turns picking out a strip throughout the day and we did whatever activity was picked. I let Eleanor pick first since she is a middle child and she doesn't get to go first very often. We started out watching an episode of "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody". Then The Very Hungry Caterpillar game was picked. The older girls didn't want to play at first, but after I reminded them that I was playing, too, their attitudes changed and I think we all had a fun time playing. Bella Dancerella was picked next and we all cheered along with the video. We then watched an episode of "The Suite Life on Deck". Legos were then picked and there was some more mumbling, but we all had fun once the legos were out and we were playing. We ate a snack and then we made a marble run. Then we watched an episode of "Pink Panther". Zach loves watching "Pink Panther", so after he picked Read a Story, he whined that he wanted to watch another episode of "Pink Panther", so I let the kids watch another episode. They ended up watching several episodes while I toasted English muffins for lunch. We read "The Magic Hat" after lunch and then the kids each made a card to send to someone. Zoe read an Arthur book to everyone while I talked with my sister, Donna on the phone. Then the High School Musical dance mat was picked. I ended my call with Donna when Kate insisted on getting on the mat when it wasn't her turn, which created chaos. Kate was a challenge during many of the activities. We played Jenga, Attack Uno, and Go Fish. I let the kids watch 3 more episodes of "The Suite Life on Deck" and then I put our Netflix account on hold. The kids were not happy about this and actual tears came out of Emily's eyes, but it had to be done. Picking activities out of the bag just wasn't appealing anymore knowing that they couldn't watch any more shows. Emily played with her Hannah Montana video game and Eleanor got on the Nick Jr. website. I was tired and was actually ready to be done playing, so I was happy to let everyone veg out on video/computer games. Zach had picked "Don't Break the Ice" out of the bag and Zoe wanted to play it, so the two of us played one game. It was fun to have a balance today between tv and games. The kids had fun playing the games once we were playing them, but the thought of playing them at first wasn't too appealing. Zoe enjoys playing games more than her siblings. It was a long day, but I'm glad we had a plan and we did a lot of activities together.


Janae said...

This sounds like a busy yet productive day:)
I think it's great you guys could all pay together. Sometimes it just takes getting started to get the older kids involved.

Kris said...

So are the kids out of school this week, or was it a sick day? Hopefully vacation.

We do our Saturday jobs that way (picking out of the jar)... as long as I mix in 2 or 3 "fun ones" it is enough to keep them excited. (Also I threaten to take out the fun ones if they "disappear" when they are supposed to be working... always have to balance the incentives with threats)

You are very patient to play all of those games!

LaRae said...

Joey - I really admire your efforts to stop and just "be" with your kids! Life can get so crazy and I often find myself always wrapped up in all the "to do's" of each day. Life slips by and our little kids get big, and then they don't want to hang out with us. I think you made a memory for each of your children yesterday. Yay for you!! I need to follow your example.

Martie said...

They'll always remember the day, too, which is wonderful. Great job, Mom!

Mom to 9

Dawn said...

What a busy and creative day! I don't think I'd like a whole week or more off in February!