Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winter Olympics 2018?

Zoe and Emily decided to go outside and play in the snow this afternoon, what's left of it anyway, and they were sliding down our backyard hill. Then Zoe was practicing her snowboarding where she goes down on the slide standing up. Matt showed her how to do that last winter, but she spent most of her time falling and getting back up last year. She is much better now. She goes all the way down without falling and it looked like she even had control of the slide. I was impressed!

I put cereal in Eleanor's bowl this morning and she said, "Ant!" (I think she was having flashbacks from the spider incident...see first post for details). There was a dark spot on a cheerio, so I took it out and that made her happy again. Then I gave the "ant cheerio" to Zach and Eleanor gave me a look of disgust as if to say she didn't approve of me feeding Zach an ant.

Zoe came home from school very tired today, and when Zoe is tired she is whiney. She whined about this and that and at one point she was fake crying. Emily started to imitate Zoe, which of course annoyed her and Zoe said, "Emily! you're interrupting my crying...then Zoe and I burst out laughing :-) She was in a much better mood the rest of the day.

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