Thursday, February 23, 2006

Toilet ban

Well, we went almost 7 years without any of our children flushing something down the toilet that doesn't belong there. Then our little boy came along and started a new trend. Zach loves to hang out by the toilet. A few months ago on a Sunday morning as the toilet was being flushed he dropped a toy into the toilet. It happened so fast. All I could do was watch in disbelief. I've heard of this happening...but never to me! Since it was a Sunday morning and we were busy getting ready for church, it was soon forgotten...until late in the evening when we finally got home from church, Home Teaching, dinner with Mom and Dad, and the toilet was plugged...and Matt couldn't for the life of him get it unplugged...then I remembered, "ohhh yeahhh...Zach dropped a toy in the toilet...Matt in his church clothes fought with the toilet to get the toy back, not a happy sight, but Matt did come out the winner.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to have Zoe clean the bathroom. She's on vacation, there's plenty of cleaning that needs to be done, why not? She thought the idea of cleaning the bathroom by herself sounded like an adventure and she agreed to do it. She cleaned for awhile and then she announced that she was ready to clean the floor, which required me to go in and help her remove the laundry baskets from the bathroom. I looked around and honestly couldn't tell that she had cleaned anything. I pointed out the dirty sink and explained that the sink needed to be washed, too. She willingly agreed to do it. I then noticed that the toilet wand that I got ready for her to use was back in its holder and I asked her where the cleaning head part had gone to and she said she threw it away. For some reason I was skeptical and I checked the trash. Nope, not there. "Zoe, it's not in here, where is it?" She wouldn't look at me and I knew something was up. "Did you flush it down the toilet?" Still no response...I knew then that she had. Here we go again! Matt had Zoe try to reach for the cleaning head herself, but her arm wasn't long enough, so Matt has another victory under his belt against the toilet...and our children are only allowed near the toilet when they absolutely need to be there.

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