Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the winner for the bad mother of the year award goes to...

I was going to tell you something, but my attorney has advised me against I will tell you a story about my "friend" instead. My "friend" and her daughter got out of the car and walked into the daugther's friend's house to attend a birthday party. The birthday girl wasn't home from school yet, so my "friend" and her daughter waited and talked to people as they arrived. The kids played for awhile after the birthday girl arrived, and then it was time to open presents. As the birthday girl opened her presents, some of the boys were running around and playing. My "friend" told me she was thinking at this moment that her daughter needs a girls only party next month, and when her son gets older, there will be no parties allowed for him at all...then she realized the unthinkable had happened...she forgot that she had brought her son with her and he was out in the car! What kind of mother would do such a thing?! Only the BAD kind you read about in the paper! She felt sick about what she had done and she quickly went to the car to bring her son inside. He had tears in his eyes, but was immediately comforted when she picked him up. Children are very forgiving. Although I love my "friend" dearly, I must admit she deserves the bad mother of the year award for being absent minded and neglectful. How dare she forget her own flesh and blood!

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