Saturday, February 18, 2006

back home again

Last night while I was swimming with Zoe and Emily, they kept insisting on getting on my back to get a ride instead of having to swim on their own. At one point I told Zoe to get off, that I didn't want her hanging on me anymore and she said, "But that's what moms are for!"

Matt had some good lines today...

I read a story to Matt that Zoe had written at school. It says, "I like my mom because she helps me clean my room (spelling corrected)." Matt says, "That explains why she doesn't like me."

While observing Zach he said, "We should adopt Zach out to help people find choking hazards." He is very good at that.

Later on we had a heart to heart about magnus that went something like this...
Matt: " Tell me again why we want more children?"
Me: Not children, just one more make us complete
Matt: "Complete lunatics!"

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