Monday, February 06, 2006

And I thought I wouldn't have anything to say...

Yesterday morning while eating her cereal, Eleanor yelled, "spider!" I thought she had mistaken a raisin for a spider, but sure enough when I looked in her bowl, there was a spider trying to climb out of her bowl. It fell into her milk, curled up, and looked exactly like the raisins in her bowl. I scooped it out, washed Eleanor's spoon, and she went back to eating her cereal. I on the other hand was very thankful that it was fast Sunday because I had lost my appetite.

Eleanor was eating her cereal this morning and instead of putting Zach in his highchair, I went back to talking about shapes with Emily. Then I heard the familiar sound that I have heard before( which is why I usually put Zach in his chair when Eleanor is eating), the sound of the bowl crashing to the floor. "Zach!" I yell, he says "dadadada"...well, dada is not here to blame, so I pick him up and put him in his chair. I give him raisins to snack on since he's obviously hungry right?, no, he throws them on the floor. And I go clean up the cereal mess.

While exercising this morning, Eleanor and Zach were in the bedroom playing happily...a little too happily I find out when I am done. Eleanor decided to color Zach. Emily thought it was hysterical! Emily: "Isn't that funny, mama? Me: "It's a bad decision" Emily: "But it's still funny, right?!"


Bonnie said...

At first I thought something was seriously wrong with Zach, but since he was smiling with such joy I changed my mind! That is a great picture and even better story. I am so glad you posted it! You made Brad and I laugh.

Have a good day,

Stan Brewer said...

Love those girls.... I'll bet Zach is just as fun but we really miss Ellenor, Emily and Zoey.
Stan & Diane Brewer

Aunt Donna Ambrose said...

Hi Joey, that is some good looking son you have there. Reminds me of an Old Town Indian! Very cute!