Monday, February 20, 2006

Need a laugh?

Go to a girls basketball game where 5-7 year olds are playing. You are guaranteed to let out a few chuckles. Zoe played in a game on Saturday. There was very little dribbling, which resulted in a lot of travelling, but the coaches let that slide. There was very little passing, someone would get the ball and they would run with it(usually toward the wrong basket-then they would turn and run the other way after everyone was yelling at them), there was no defense-they all watched whoever had the ball and waited for them to shoot, there were a few minor fouls-the girls who caused the fouls ran to their mothers in tears, whenever one of the girls would shoot the ball and miss-they all stood around and wondered what to do next. Too funny! I heard the guy in front of me say, "This is the best basketball game I have ever seen!"

Proud mother moment...Zoe played very well. She scored the first basket. She was one of the few girls who dribbled the ball as she ran down the court, she passed the ball once to a teammate and that girl made a basket, and I think she scored at least half of the points . During the game a mother leaned over to someone sitting beside her and asked who the girl was in the purple shirt (she was impressed with how well Zoe was playing).

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Rachelle said...

How cute! Little kids are so funny when playing sports!