Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What you won't hear from a teenager

Emily walks by a sink full of dirty dishes and asks excitedly, "Can I do the dishes, Can I?! Can I?! Please!, please!, please!...I'll pay you one hundred dollars.
Would it be wrong of me to hold her to that?

I like to surprise the girls with fun things to do, so they had no idea we were going to see
Dora Live! this evening with Mom. When I told them I had a surprise Zoe says, "Maybe it's McDonalds! Eleanor says, "Yay, McDonalds, McDonalds"... that would have been a lot cheaper! Then Zoe was convinced we were going to see a movie. Then it was we're going to go see a friend of hers. When we pulled into the Bangor Auditorium parking lot, Zoe knew we were seeing a show of some sort. Emily wanted to see a Barbie show. Meanwhile, the one child we had in mind for this show is sound asleep in her carseat. When they found out we were seeing a Dora show, they were excited. Emily ended up liking the show the most I think. She was participating loudly (the kids in front of her kept looking at her) and her eyes were glued to the entire show. Eleanor is our biggest fan of Dora, but she didn't like the noise of it all. She did seem to perk up when Diego came on stage...this may prove our theory that she has a crush on him.

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