Friday, February 24, 2006

positive parenting

After watching the Ladies Figure Skating this week, I'm surrounded by ice skater wannabes! Eleanor spent most of her time at playgroup yesterday spinning around and lifting her leg up behind her. It was cute! Zoe has been practicing some moves of her own as well.
For the competition, Emily thought it was great that there was a skater named Emily, so of course she was cheering on Emily Hughes to win. Zoe and I wanted Sasha Cohen to win. Zoe and Emily made up a game that if Emily Hughes won than Emily would win too, and if Sasha Cohen won than Zoe would win too. So when the skater from Japan won, Zoe and Emily tried to claim that they wanted her to win all along and they started fighting over which one of them gets to be the winner. I told them "quit fighting, you're both losers!"...they laughed...end of fighting.

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