Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wii Fit Plus

Thursday was a down day as I had hoped. :-) Zoe's practice was cancelled. We never received a call about Emily & Eleanor's practice being cancelled, but I decided that they weren't going even if there was practice. We needed the rest!

Matt got paid a Federal check yesterday that we have been waiting for. Yipee! We went to Bugaboo Creek for datenight. The food was delicious as always and the bill ended up being sweet as well. We got $20 off from my Creek Club card...$20 off that we should have received several months ago, but didn't and we weren't expecting to have it applied last night. Our waiter received a nice tip for noticing that we qualified for the $20 off, but hadn't received it yet.

We bought wii fitness plus last night. I want to start exercising again and it's much easier to make that happen inside the house. I haven't exercised yet, but I'm anxious to try it out. The kids have been exercising all day today!

Zach had his last soccer practice today and Emily & Eleanor had their last games. Today was the round robin where three 15 minute games are played. This allows each team to play against the other two teams. I brought Zach home after his practice and then went back to the field to watch Emily & Eleanor. I was going to keep Zach with me at the field, but he was more than happy to go home and play on the wii fitness, and being alone allowed me to focus on the games and to help out with the luncheon after.
Eleanor in action...

Look at this awesome cake!

The soccer players received a certificate & their team/individual pictures after they ate.

Emily & Eleanor played great this season. Way to go girls!

Matt has a living room wall ready to go up in the new house, but it was too windy today to put it up. We're hoping to get the wall up Monday evening.

Matt, Zoe, & Emily are in Bangor now for the pioneer trek themed stake youth activity. Emily went because she will be old enough to go on the next pioneer trek in 4 years with Zoe. Can you believe that Emily will be 14 and Zoe will be 16 in just 4 years? CRAZY!

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Kris said...

Let us know how you like the wii fit plus (if you ever get a turn with it) :) I've wondered about that. It looks like a great day for the end of soccer, sunny! I'm glad you got a relaxing day at home, I'm sure that was good for everyone. And a check in the mail is great too! :)