Tuesday, October 11, 2011

House Pictures & More

From left to right...Mudroom, Living Room (no wall yet), Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bedroom & Bathroom (no walls yet)

From right to left...Mudroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Dining Room, Master Bedroom & Bathroom (no walls yet)

Mudroom Entrance

It is so exciting to see the walls, window frames, & door frames going up!

Kate, Noah & I went to the children's museum last Thursday. They have a new, colorful, & fun instrument to play! Kate is holding a foam paddle to hit the pipes and make different sounds.

They made umbrellas.

AND they learned about spotted turtles and were able to touch one!

Matt & I went to see "The Help" at the Alamo Friday night. We met my Mom there and she ended up treating us to the movie & popcorn. :-) It was a packed theater (maybe because there was an article in the Enterprise last week that mentioned the theater is struggling and may close in the future? or because it was a good movie? or both?), so we were happy that we arrived early enough to get a seat. My Mom had bought our tickets before we arrived, so I guess if we would have arrived later, we still would have gotten in. Thanks Mom!

Zach went to his 2nd soccer practice Saturday morning. He practiced making goals.

He played Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean!
He was a fish...

Then a shark...

He played Red Light Green Light

He played Freeze Tag

He also played a scrimmage at the end, but I didn't get any pictures because I was setting up the concession stand at that point.

Emily & Eleanor had a soccer game on Saturday. Emily scored 2 goals!

I finally took a picture of the Great Big Pumpkin that we love to see around town!

On Saturday, Matt & Zoe spent the entire day working on the house. The rest of us went to soccer and then my parents brought Emily home after stopping at McDonald's to bring lunch home for Emily & Zoe. I took the rest of the kids to Ellsworth to eat at the McDonald's there where it was super busy! Then we went over to the church to clean. Mom & Dad met us there. Then we went to Walmart before coming home. It was a super busy Saturday! After getting the kids bathed and in bed, Matt & I were more than ready to relax and watch "Top Shot". Noah snuck out of the bedroom and watched it with us. The perks of being the "baby".

Matt was sustained and set apart for his stake young men's calling on Sunday. He received a nice blessing and we were pleased when our vehicles were blessed as well. :-)

We worked yesterday morning and then took the afternoon off to have some fun. Matt took Zoe & Noah canoeing. Emily & Eleanor went to play with Daisy & Anna. I took Kate & Zach to the Maine Jump where they climbed

went down the slide

ran and jumped

went through the obstacle course

rested a tiny bit

and had lots of fun!

We ate dinner and had FHE when we got home. The kids & I watched an episode of "Punky Brewster" before they went to bed. Then Matt & I watched "Top Shot" before we went to bed. We had to watch it...we're addicted!

I will end with a random picture of Kate being cute & silly!

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