Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feeling Like Christmas

We woke up to snow-covered ground this morning and it continued to snow as we drove to church. We were part of the few that ventured out to church, so we just had Sacrament Meeting. Kristen Speranza was released as the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency and I was released as the 2nd counselor. I was called back into the Primary Presidency as the 1st counselor and my Mom was called as the 2nd counselor. Fun! Kristen was called to be our Nursery Leader. She will be great and we've needed a Nursery Leader since Summer began, so it will be nice to have that calling filled.

The snow has created a Christmas-like feel today and the fact that I made our traditional Christmas morning sausage and egg casserole and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for lunch, it really felt like Christmas!

I hope the snow sticks around for one more day, so the kids can go play in it. Noah has been the most anxious to get his hands on it! He did linger outside for a bit when we got home from church, but he could have stayed outside all afternoon!


Mal said...

Just out of curiosity, do you think you'll ever have a calling that isn't in the primary?

Kris said...

Snow! We might get some this week too, I guess... we better find our coats & boots and hope they fit? :)

The house is coming along! Matt is funny to sleep in it. I'm glad he had some help to get some more walls up.

I like the harvest party idea - that sounds really fun. I will have to try the soup recipe. I have one I make but it's not creamy... I'll have to try this one! thanks!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween! Have fun!