Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest Party

This is also known as our Branch Halloween party, but we are trying to focus more on the Fall Season and the Harvest than Halloween. Not everything was Harvest-themed, but we are improving. Costumes will always be part of this activity, though!
I couldn't resist this prison costume that I found at Goodwill. The back of the costume says "GOTBUSTED PENITENTIARY". Matt added the tattoos.

The kids had a great time hitting apples. The activity was a big hit. (Ha Ha) Emily is a great hitter! She had hit the farthest until the young men & leader had a turn.
We had a pumpkin relay.
There was also bowling outside and a witch's cauldron inside and a room set up inside to shoot nerf gun darts at G.I. Joe & Barbie mummies (Matt thought of this great idea). We ate soup & bread and when the kids were finished eating, they decorated treat bags and pumpkins with stickers. We had pumpkin face stickers for the pumpkins. Then the moment arrived that all the kids were waiting for. CANDY!

Families with children were encouraged to load up their kids after they got their candy and head home, so the adults without young children at the activity could do a quick clean up and then leave. When we got home, the kids sugared up, took baths, and Zoe took lots of pictures. Here are a few. Emily was not in the picture taking mood.
Eleanor was!

The kids loved getting little notebooks from the Speranzas!

This is my favorite picture of Noah.
This is Zoe's favorite.
It was a fun evening and the kids are super excited for Halloween tomorrow!

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