Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Choose to Become

I had an amazing weekend away, but I am happy to be home now. I came down with a cold yesterday. I am so grateful that I was healthy during my trip and now I can rest at home. Our original plan was to go to the Palmyra Temple on Friday, but we ended up going to the Boston Temple Thursday evening. We made it to the temple and that is what matters.

Time Out For Women was awesome as always! When we were waiting for the doors to open Friday night, I was sitting on a bench in the lobby with my Aunt Tonia & my Grandmother. After telling Tonia how I'd love to take Zoe to see John Bytheway somewhere next year, in walked John Bytheway!

I had a feeling that John Bytheway was there instead of Sheri Dew and I was right. We joked about that because Sheri Dew didn't make it to last year's Time Out For Women either. Here are a few notes that I took from John Bytheway's talk Friday night. He talked about the yummy chicken that his wife had made that week. It was so yummy because she had marinated it in barbeque sauce. So the theme of his talk was What are we marinating in? He read a quote by President Boyd K. Packer, "We are raising our children in enemy territory." Isn't that the truth! This makes me think of another thing that was brought up (not sure by which presenter) during the event. It used to be that evil things were hidden and you really had to search for them if you wanted to participate in them. Now good things are hidden and need to be searched for among the evil. We need to be careful about what we are marinating in.
*We get to choose our response to everything.
*A sister in the ward said this..."I'm going to stop telling God how big my problems are and start telling my problems how big my God is." Isn't that great?!

Dallyn Vail Bayles

An amazing singer! He is also grateful and it was sweet to hear him talk about his wife.

Saturday's program was filled with more wonderful music and talks.
Mary Ellen Edmunds

She reminded us that we are all unique. We are children of God. When we pray, we should take time to listen. Love is the most magical power in the universe.

Hilary Weeks

I could listen to Hilary Weeks sing and talk all day long. I just love her personality and stories! She encouraged us to focus on our positive thoughts rather than our negative thoughts. It will change you! She also mentioned this, which I had never thought about before. "We will spend eternity knowing our children as adults. What a privilege it is to spend this time here on earth with them as children."
In our morning prayers, ask Heavenly Father what is most important for us to do that day.

DeAnne Flynn

The littlest things matter most. Offer our time, talents, and good example.
What can we do to make the lives of our loved ones better? Be Aware. Make eye contact, Listen, Pay attention to the Spirit. Hurry less. Speak less. Expect less. Be more aware. Become less complicated...simplify our lives. We can start over any time. It is never too late to change. Be our best self at home.

Anthony Sweat

Concept of fairness.
1) God tests everyone uniquely & equally.
The purpose of God's plan is To Become Like God
Trials are not synonymous with tragedy.
2) To be fair, don't compare
Doctrine & Covenants 7:4...Key words ~ What is that to thee?
Don't compare yourself to others
3) The atonement of Jesus Christ is the great equalizer
Power of the Atonement
A. Redeeming Power
B. Changing Power
C. Strengthening Power
D. Understanding Power
E. Equalizing Power
Genesis 30:22 ~ God remembered Rachael ~ God remembers ALL of us

Wendy Ulrich

Be Happy (Taught in a humorous way)
1) Stop worrying about your weaknesses
2) Don't try to get motivated to exercise
*Motivation comes after action (applies to everything) ~ Take little steps such as putting on exercise clothes even if you don't feel like exercising.
3) Stop trying to find friends
*Instead, develop the skills of friendship
*Respond to others as they reach out to you
*Have one meaningful conversation daily
*Celebrate others' successes
4) Don't try to feel happy
*Try to feel grateful
*Write down 3 good things that happen each day and why they happened.
5) Celebrate failure
*We grow, stretch, learn, & serve as we fail
*It's better to do something badly than not at all
*Ask yourself & kids...What was your best failure today? Helps you & your children to learn resilience. Helps you learn.
6) Don't get help with your problems
*Instead, help someone else
7) Don't endure to the end
*Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured
*Savor every day delights

Kris Belcher

Funny! Kris has an amazing story. She became blind 8 years ago due to cancer. She testified that trials and tragedies will get better and that Heavenly Father will help us. We can feel Heavenly Father's love during our trials. We can live happily with the light of Christ. Live looking to God. Are we earnestly seeking for light in our lives?

Time Out For Women always goes by way too fast. It was such an uplifting weekend. Not only did we listen to wonderful music and talks at TOFW, but we also listened to music and talks in the car. We were edified for 3 days non-stop. It was absolutely wonderful!

The reception I received when I walked into my parents' house on Sunday was wonderful as well! There were hugs from all the kids, which turned into one big group hug. I felt loved and I want to remember that moment always. :-)

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