Monday, October 13, 2008

Zoe and The Young Americans

Zoe loved the workshops and classes she took with the Young Americans. She practiced Thursday from 3:30-9:00pm, Friday from 8am-8pm, and then she was back at the school on Saturday at 4:00 until the show was over at 9:30pm. My experience with all of this was always dropping Zoe off at the wrong door at the high school, which was stressful because I always had the kids with me. Thursday, we went in the doors near the gym which was perfect for me because I could leave the kids in the car, walk Zoe into the lobby and still see my car...until someone led us through the gym and into a hall where I couldn't see the car. Fortunately, a mom I know offered to get Zoe registered for me, so I could leave and she offered to bring Zoe home at 9pm which was a huge help. Friday we went in the front door of the school (me, Zoe, Zach, Kate, & Noah) and walked through crowds of teenagers to get to the gym...I should have parked near the gym like I did the first time. Being in the high school with all the teenagers around made me want to find a magic potion to keep my kids young. Was it just me or did everyone there look like a delinquent? After dropping Zoe off, the younger kids and I walked back to our car outside thus avoiding the teenagers. I'm not ready for my kids to start dressing in black yet. Matt and I picked Zoe up Friday night after our dinner at Kravings. The students were told to be back at the school at 3:30 on Saturday...the paper we had said 4:00. Saturday, We were at the school at 3:30...and we waited around until 4:00. I parked near the gym and we ended up in the hall again, but this time I moved the car and the kids (still in their Halloween costumes)came into the school to wait with me. So, there were little annoyances for me, but Zoe had a great experience and she did great in the show.

The Young Americans performed for an hour and then the students and Young Americans performed for 45 minutes. Emily, Eleanor, Noah, my parents, and I had a great time watching Zoe. Eleanor will probably remember being super thirsty and FINALLY getting a drink at the end of the show. She drank some more when we got home. Zoe may remember looking for her backpack after the show. We finally found it in the lost and found pile in a closet. They all may remember me keeping them awake during the ride home because getting sleeping kids out of the car and into the house is not fun!

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Janae said...

This sounds like some intense moments for sure! I am glad Zoe had a good time:)
I agree about the teenager they have to turn into those? It is happening really fast over here!