Friday, October 31, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling

I put Noah on his back last night on the floor to get something done. When I looked over at him, he was on his stomach. He is officially rolling over!

Zoe, Emily, & Eleanor saw Matt this morning for the first time since Monday evening. It was nice having Matt here to help get the kids ready for school and to hold Noah. We miss him when he's not around!

Have a great Halloween!


Katie said...

He can roll already? I swear it seems like you just had him. AH, were does the time go? Happy Halloween to you too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Noah! And congrats Erickson family on seeing the Man of the House... aside from Zack, of course.

Janae said...

Wow...they get big fast! Noah is already trying to catch up to those big siblings:)