Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 kids driving 1 mom loco!

It's a cold, rainy morning and I'd like to stay inside all day, but we will venture out to story time and the grocery store since I rented a movie last night for the kids that needs to go back today. It was my first Redbox rental and it was easy and only $1.00, but like I said, now I have to go out in the rain to bring it back. Wednesday is our only day during the week to be out and about. I've been taking the kids to story time and then to the park and then home. Today will be story time, grocery store, and then home.

Matt has been getting ready for a big trial that will start next week. He is working late when he can now, so last night was my first evening alone with the kids. I've been spoiled having him home all the time since his release as Branch President. Zoe wanted me to dig out her winter coat which was at my parents' home, so after chores and homework were done after school yesterday, we went to rent a movie and then we went to my parents' house to watch the movie (Diamond Castle-Barbie movie), eat dinner, dig out winter coats and hats/mittens, and then come home to give Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor a bath, read scriptures, say prayers, and send the kids to bed. Everything went just like that except Kate wanted a bath too, so Matt got home in time to give her a bath and then I gave Zach a bath since we were on a roll. We got the kids in bed around 8:30pm and then Matt and I watched an episode of "Chuck" on the computer.

Noah likes to hang out on our bed in the morning. He'll wake up, go back to sleep, wake up, go back to sleep for quite a while in the morning. I've been getting a lot done around the house in the morning, which I've enjoyed. It will be a bummer when he starts to roll and I can't leave him on the bed anymore. When I put him on my chair in the living room now, he gets mauled by Kate and Zach, so it's nice that he has a place to sleep where Zach and Kate can't get to him.

Zach and Kate are at ages where they fight more than they get along. They have been fighting through most of my writing here. It has been a challenge lately to find a good time to sit down and blog. Zach has been getting on the computer to play after he is ready for the day, so today I am trying to blog before he gets on the computer. I'm being productive here, but Zach and Kate are driving me nuts as they fight over who is going to sit on my lap, and when I shoo them both away, they fight over something else. Now Kate is polluting the air, so I better go change her and get her dressed.

Have a great day! Mine is starting out with a lot of crying, but it will get better, right?


Anonymous said...

Haha! Oh, poor Joey! I can only imagine the number of days us kids sent Mum into a shock fit with all our bickering and crying, and just plain noise. Haha... I'm sure it'll get better. Story time sounds like a sedative.

Gabriela said...

I hope it got better! I know all about the near constant fighting. So annoying!

Kris said...

I hope the rest of the day had less crying... it seems we have good days and bad with the fighting/crying/bad moods. (Today was bad). I always wonder what went wrong on the bad days (food? sleep? impending sickness? too busy? bored?) Maybe it is just kids being kids - we all have our 'days' right? - and maybe I should stop wondering! I am so thankful for the good days when they happen!